Product Version
  • In sospeso
    The version is pending and can be changed.
  • Attivo
    The product version is active.
  • Obsoleto
    The version is obsolete. It cannot be subscribed any more.
  • In corso di ritiro
    The version is retiring; it cannot be subscribed and existing customers must migrate away from it.
  • Ritirata
    The version is retired and it has no existing subscriptions.
  • Attivata il
  • Billing Cycle
    The billing cycle determines the rhythm with which the subscriber is billed. The charging may have different rhythm.
  • Commento
    The comment allows to provide a internal comment for the version. It helps to document why a product was changed. The comment is not disclosed to the subscriber.
  • Contrassegnato come obsoleto il
  • Creato il
  • Data di eliminazione prevista
    La data di eliminazione prevista indica la data alla quale l’elemento verrà eliminato. Se la data è nulla, non è prevista l’eliminazione dell’elemento.
  • Default Currency
    The default currency has to be used in all fees.
  • Enabled Currencies
    The currencies which are enabled can be selected to define component fees. Currencies which are not enabled cannot be used to define fees.
  • ID
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • ID spazio collegato
    L’ID spazio collegato indica l’ID dello spazio a cui appartiene l’elemento.
  • Increment Number
    The increment number represents the version number incremented whenever a new version is activated.
  • Minimal Number Of Periods
    The minimal number of periods determines how long the subscription has to run before the subscription can be terminated.
  • Nome
    The product version name is the name of the product which is shown to the user for the version. When the visible product name should be changed for a particular product a new version has to be created which contains the new name of the product.
  • Number of Notice Periods
    The number of notice periods determines the number of periods which need to be paid between the request to terminate the subscription and the final period.
  • Prodotto
    Each product version is linked to a product.
  • Retiring Finished On
  • Retiring Started On
  • Riferimento
    The product version reference helps to identify the version. The reference is generated out of the product reference.
  • Stato
  • Tax calculation
    Strategy that is used for tax calculation in fees.
  • Versione
    The version number indicates the version of the entity. The version is incremented whenever the entity is changed.