A subscription product represents a product to which a subscriber can subscribe to. A product defines how much the subscription costs and in what cycles the subscribe is charged.

  • In sospeso
    The product is currently created.
  • Attivo
    The product is active.
  • Inattivo
    The product is inactive.
  • In corso di ritiro
    The product is retiring. All associated subscription will be terminated.
  • Ritirata
    The product is retired and there are no more active subscription linked with this product.
  • Configurazioni della modalità di pagamento ammesse
    The allowed payment method configurations control which payment methods can be used with this product. When none is selected all methods will be allowed.
  • Data di eliminazione prevista
    La data di eliminazione prevista indica la data alla quale l’elemento verrà eliminato. Se la data è nulla, non è prevista l’eliminazione dell’elemento.
  • Failed Payment Suspension Period
    When a payment fails, the subscription to which the payment belongs to will be suspended. When the suspension is not removed within the specified period the subscription will be terminated. A payment is considered as failed when the subscriber issues a refund or when a subscription charge fails.
  • ID
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • ID spazio collegato
    L’ID spazio collegato indica l’ID dello spazio a cui appartiene l’elemento.
  • Is Product Locked
    Marks the product as locked. Meaning that customer can not change away from this product or change to this product later on.
  • Nome
    The product name is used internally to identify the configuration in administrative interfaces. For example it is used within search fields and hence it should be distinct and descriptive.
  • Ordine
    The sort order controls in which order the product is listed. The sort order is used to order the products in ascending order.
  • Riferimento
    The product reference identifies the product for external systems. This field may contain the product's SKU.
  • Space Id
  • Stato
  • Versione
    The version number indicates the version of the entity. The version is incremented whenever the entity is changed.