Metric Usage Report

The metric usage is the actual usage of a metric for a particular subscription as collected by an external application.

  • Created By User Id
  • Creato il
  • Data di eliminazione prevista
    La data di eliminazione prevista indica la data alla quale l’elemento verrà eliminato. Se la data è nulla, non è prevista l’eliminazione dell’elemento.
  • Descrizione
    The metric usage report description describe the reported usage. This description may be shown to the end user.
  • ID
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • ID esterno
    The external id identifies the metric usage uniquely.
  • ID spazio collegato
    L’ID spazio collegato indica l’ID dello spazio a cui appartiene l’elemento.
  • Metric
    The metric usage report is linked to the metric for which the usage should be recorded.
  • Valore
    The consumed units describe the amount of resources consumed. Those consumed units will be billed in the next billing cycle.
  • Versione
    The version number indicates the version of the entity. The version is incremented whenever the entity is changed.
  • Versione di abbonamento
    The subscription to which the usage is added to.