Server User

The user represents a single user. Essentially there are four different types:

  • Human User: A human user represents a person.

  • Application User: A application user represents an application.

  • Anonymous User: An anonymous user represents a not authenticated user.

  • Server User: The server user represents our web server. In case some repeating actions needs to be executed this user may be identified as the acting user.

  • Create
    The create state indicates that the Server User is in creation.
  • Active
    The active state indicates that the Server User is active and may be used.
  • Inactive
    The inactive state indicates that the Server User is inactive and may not be used.
  • Deleting
    The deleting state indicates that the Server User is in the process to be deleted.
  • Deleted
    The deleted state marks the entity for purging from the database.
  • Id
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • Planned Purge Date
    The planned purge date indicates when the entity is permanently removed. When the date is null the entity is not planned to be removed.
  • Scope
  • State
  • User Type
  • Version
    The version number indicates the version of the entity. The version is incremented whenever the entity is changed.